Q1. Whereabouts will the photoshoot take place?

I am based in Muriwai, in Auckland, but will travel within reason. We can find places that are special to your family, or I can suggest places. I know of beaches, parks, even private land I have access too.

We are very spoilt here in Auckland, we can do just about any style… even inner-city urban if you that is what you prefer! I also shoot in peoples homes. Often its fun to start off at home and document your everyday wonder 😉

Product photography is completed in my studio in Muriwai.

Q2. How much time do I need to allow for my portrait session?

One hour is usually ample time for most portrait sessions, with travel time added to that. I do not cap my sessions (within reason). If we need breaks for children, or extra time to “get the shot”, we will do it. Family shoots do often go for longer, especially if we are doing documentary style and capturing you at your home first.

Q3. When is the best time of the day for a portrait session?

I prefer to shoot last thing in the day before the sun sets to get that beautiful soft sunlight. However, if this does not suit you we can organise shoots in locations where the sunlight will not interfere with the photos. Especially when we have little kids & babies who need to have naps and breaks earlier in the day, I can be more suitable. We can discuss this when you make a booking. I pride myself on flexibility. Additionally though, if we can break your children’s routines for just one day, I highly recommend late afternoon shoots for the best possible results


Q4. What is unposed & funposed photography that you talk about?

Unposed and funposed family photography as a concept is simple – you simply be yourselves. It’s about capturing the fun, silliness and love that exists within each family, how you interact with each other and the unique characters you are. The typical New Zealander is more down to earth, and we’re not about to fill a lounge room wall with a stuffy portrait. If you want to look at an image and say “that is so us!” then unposed photography is for you.

Q5. Can you tell me how to pose so I don’t have five chins? Can you photoshop out my chins?

A large part of my training as a photographer is posing, so even though I talk about unposed photography, there is still a small element of direction from me. It’s really important you look great in the shots. I have many tricks up my sleeve. I can photoshop this kind of thing, but would rather get it right in camera. I try to encourage people not to worry about this kind of thing. I truly believe we are all beautiful! Posing people too much interferes with the true nature of a family or person. I can definitely guide you but we won’t spend to long micro-adjusting all your body parts

Q6. What should I wear to make the most of my portrait session?

I try not to impose too many rules regarding clothing. We want your clothing choices to reflect who you are as people, but we also do not want the clothes to “Steal the Show”. Groups of people should have clothing that is complimentary with one another. For example, we do not want one person standing out in bright orange, whilst everyone else is wearing white. I find mid tones are the best for all kinds of locations and light… So grey/lights blues and pinks etc.. But for a more loud and fun style of shoot you could all be multicoloured, or include patterns like stripes & polka-dots, especially on kids!

Once you make a booking and we have a chat about your style we will get a better concept for clothing choices. I am happy to help you out and supply examples. We can even take a few changes of clothes to the shoot!


Q7. Do you recommend a change of clothing?

Yes, in some cases. If we are using two locations that are near to each other, we can totally change the look of your shoot with a quick wardrobe change. If you have kids that hate getting dressed & undressed however, I would be inclined to leave them be!

Q8. Do you photoshop after the shoot to remove blemishes/mucky patches on kids clothes that I forgot to remove?

Yes, within reason. I do ask clients make an effort to keep their kids as clean as they want them to appear in the photos. But sometimes things happen that is out of our control and so I will tidy up shots. I will discuss with each client what they want. I only perform reasonable amounts of editing on photos. Extra work that drastically changes the image is charged accordingly as it can take a fair amount of time.

Sometimes mess is GOOD AND FUN!! perhaps your kids want to make mud-pies for the shoot?! Embrace it! If that completely freaks you out we can choose non-messy locations and still have loads of laughs.

Q9. What props can we bring?

Anything you like really! We can discuss it. I am not a very prop-driven photographer, but if you want things in your photos that are important to you, then by all means, LET’S PLAY!…. Let me know your thoughts and we can come up with some ideas based on props you have.

Q10. How long will it take to see proofs?

I usually have a sneak peek on Facebook within 12-24 hours of your shoot and a full private gallery on-line within 7-14 days.