Family Photography

I believe all families have their own little universe that they keep to themselves; I want to capture just a little bit of that so when you look at your images your instant reaction is to say "that is so us!"

My family photoshoots are informal, funposed and unposed.  I approach family photography in a relaxed way and although the first few shots are always awkward as we move on and get to know each other, a family’s own uniqueness tends to come out. There are so many aspects of family that are cool to me; I feel like a family is kind of a team! I love it when they do dumb and funny stuff together, high-five and have in-jokes. It is often led by the kids, that’s why I call it Unposed or Kid-Focused Photography – they’ll be the ones to act the “fool” sooner and come up with fun ideas!  But it's not all mayhem, I tend to fluctuate on-shoot between getting crazy moments and sandy toes, and stopping to get an engaging portrait concentrating on the eyes.

I promise you'll enjoy the experience and love your images - they'll be of your treasured loved ones and they'll be soulful and beautiful, fun and creative.

Love all your photos Nykie, you made the kids relaxed and happy and let all their goofy run wild and free and captured what made us our found our specialness!
— Kelly Pitcher

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