It sounds so clichéd, but I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't want to take pictures.  From setting up my own darkroom in my bedroom as a teenager to investing in my first professional-level camera years later, I've always loved observing people and their surroundings and then freezing that in time via a photograph. 

Photo by Andrew Eades (my 12 yo - with guidance)  …Didn’t he do well!

Photo by Andrew Eades (my 12 yo - with guidance) …Didn’t he do well!



I took off travelling when I was 21 and headed alone through Africa, Cambodia and Northern Thailand.  There's nothing more humbling than seeing people with NOTHING, and they are beautiful happy, smiling people.  And of course the tragedy as well; female circumcision,  homelessness, and people just living in filth.   It's given me an appreciation of how sheltered and lucky we are to be living here in NZ, and I feel like those experiences helped shape my vision and beliefs - I think it's why I loathe the "perfect" portrayal of anything and why I'm so drawn to capturing people naturally, rather than in a posed way.



I am a mum. I have three kids, Andrew 12 years old, Miah, who has Down Syndrome, who is 10, and my final addition Ryan is who 6. They are all completely different and our household is often the very definition of chaotic! My hubby Nigel is a builder.

I like to dance, draw, paint, sleep, drink coffee, beer, and have a laugh. I love CrossFit, and I hang with a fab group of women 3-4 times a week to get my lifting game on.



I love the passion of people who Crossfit.   When I'm in WODographer mode, my style is primarily documentary.   I can do one-on-one sessions or an entire box shoot.  If the lighting in your box is dark, your shots will be dark and dramatic. If there’s clutter and mess and chalk and stuff, we’ll go with the flow and I won’t be hiding that in my photos.  The result is real and raw, just like the sport.