Meet Nykie

Nykie is a professional photographer specializing in capturing soulful, fun, creative images of kids and their families. Due to its more spontaneous, less formal look and feel, her style of photography is becoming known in the industry as “unposed“ photography.

Nykie’s passion for photography started early with her very own darkroom in her bedroom as a teenager. Now, she has over 20 years experience behind the lens, capturing award-winning images for weddings, commercial clients and families.

And while she’s a talented professional, she’s also a goofball at heart which means she has an innate way of making her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera – the results are simply stunning, natural photographs that are impossible not to love.

So much of what makes images special, is the emotion of the moment.  Part of Nykie’s magic is her ability to capture not only the essence of the moment, but indeed the very essence of the people in it too – it’s not until you see it captured, that you even realise what other photographs are missing.


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Family life to me is imperfect. There is chaos, tears, mess and a whole load of love sprinkled on top - its what we treasure, and I can capture your unique slice of that for you.

I am a mum. I have three kids, Andrew 10 years old, Miah, who has Down Syndrome, who is 8, and my final addition Ryan is who 4. They are all completely different and our household is often the very definition of chaotic! My hubby Nigel is a builder....

....I like to dance, draw, paint, sleep, drink coffee, beer, and have a laugh. I love CrossFit, and I hang with a fab group of women 3-4 times a week to get my lifting game on. (

People book me because I am open minded and creative. I like to think I can walk into your home, or on location with you and put you at ease pretty quickly. Of course the first few snaps can be pretty awkward, but that fades within minutes… then we just have fun, and bounce ideas off each other. Or if you want me to come up with the plan, I can do that too.

Call me to discuss your ideas and chat about the options, no obligation to book at all 🙂
021 833 205 , Or use my contact form